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Shenzhen Zhongzhi Sheng'an security Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart safe evacuation of the country's leading solution providers. The company stressed that the serialization of products to meet customer needs, to lead the future application trends, product performance, appearance, quality as a whole, the organic integration of concepts and technical service life research ....

Easy Configuration Easy Adjustment Easy Combination Easy maintain Easy install
Easy Configuration:

System through the establishment of digital building models, based on the layout of the fire probe position lamps, automatic generation of evacuation plans;

No complex plan to write, debug process is simple, can be realized according to the probe evacuation alarm point to point;

Supports multi-fire ignition point and any logical point automatic fire evacuation;

Are the only one with this technology manufacturers;

Easy Adjustment

Unique system debugging tools, system monitoring map directly from CAD drawings into precise deployment, lighting and fire probe;

Evacuation terminal performance industrial embedded CPU chip;

Fire district secondary adjustments, simply adjust the lighting, fire probe position on the visual model, the system automatically generates a new evacuation plan;

Easy Combination

CIF intelligent fire emergency evacuation system is modular in design,

Fire FAS system with a number of industry, risk control systems, intelligent lighting system seamlessly to form a flexible program of wisdom.

Easy maintenance:

The system supports cloud maintenance, as long as the consumer with access lines can be connected directly to the manufacturers technical support center server;

Chile Shengan customer may at any time remote monitoring system status, is the industry's only enterprise to achieve Zero maintenance;

Reduce customer operating costs, service change from passive to proactive maintenance;

Major holidays early detection proactive technical support center.

Easy install

Fire Promise of communication lines using two buses, construction site easy wiring;

Equipped with a sound installation instruction manual, modular installation;

Supports multi-fire ignition point and any logical point automatic fire evacuation;

Only need to configure the fire alarm points and luminaire position according to the drawings when debugging information, you can check the line connection is intact;

Does not require tedious preparation plan.



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