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Intelligent evacuation system has what function?


With the arrival of the era of intelligence, intelligent home products of various has increased constantly, such as intelligent evacuation system, intelligent security systems, intelligent lighting control system, intelligent security monitoring system. You know the intelligent evacuation system has what function? Below we understand together.

In each terminal is inserted in the evacuation lighting, intelligent control, to maintain contact with the host communication signal.

2, the intelligent evacuation system terminal evacuation lamp can bring the power source, this time without the use of EPS. Using battery lamp, discharge time is larger than 90min.

3, the intelligent evacuation system with random logic judgment type induced by a predetermined evacuation, completely avoid the artificial control scheme, resulting in limitations of evacuation mode.

4, the host through the system software, lamp sign system internal control direction, working state. Display lamp at the time of the fire, the execution system command state.

5, the host evacuation lamp on each terminal by the system software (or through relay communication module) real-time detection. On the point of failure, the form of audio alarm lamp, display the address code, fault type and time.

6, display, touch screen, LCD screen configuration standard. Display building real graphic layers, and the physical location of each lamp and the working state, support for panoramic and local graphics scaling. View visual, wide visual field expansion, humanized operation interface.

7, the host counter using UPS on-line type uninterrupted power supply, strong interference resistance. The host communication port and any has the standard serial communication port of the automatic fire alarm system and convenient connection, the actual location information to collect fire alarm.

8, the relay communication module adopts photoelectric isolation coupler with protection against lightning surge, and AC / DC high voltage isolation performance, wide temperature and humidity environment wide use. After the relay communication module, can realize each loop communication network branch isolation control, expand communication distance, or extend the lamp equipment quantity, enhance immunity.

9, smoke and temperature sensing fire detectors, fire alarm host is the external equipment intelligent evacuation system linkage, is the source of fire information. Intelligent evacuation system through RS485 communication interface with the fire, and the fire alarm host easily link. Intelligent evacuation control system mainly by the host central access device, industrial control machine, inverter, host emergency power supply, liquid crystal displays, printers, fire linkage node converter component.