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Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics


▶Inner Mongolia finance and economics university was founded in 1960, is the only one in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, set up an independent to undergraduate education full-time higher colleges of finance. Under the Accounting Institute, Institute of finance, MBA school 19 grade two school, 1 directly under the Department of physical education teaching department, 7 scientific research institutions teaching. Has 7 key disciplines of the autonomous region, 24 master's degree authorization store, 48 undergraduate majors, 15 Mongolian and Chinese bilingual teaching professional. Accounting, business administration, marketing, tourism management, e-commerce and other 5 Chinese foreign cooperation in running schools undergraduate. By March 2, 2012, the Inner Mongolia Finance and Economics College officially changed its name to Inner Mongolia University of Finance and economics.
▶CIIC Sheng provides centralized control type fire emergency lighting system for Inner Mongolia finance and economics university first life service center, the project adopted more than 1200 sets of intelligent emergency evacuation and emergency lighting.

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