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Bengbu Wanda Plaza


▶Bengbu Wanda Plaza project planning a land area of about 177 acres, the total construction area of about 600000 m2, a total investment of about 3500000000 yuan. Bengbu Wanda Plaza male according to city landscape axis first --- Donghai Avenue, adjacent to the national level 4A Zhang Gong Shan Scenic Area, Metro Center - Huaihe culture square, be close by., geography position be richly endowed by nature, is in the center of the core. It sets residential, shopping, dining, culture, entertainment, business, leisure as one of a variety of functions, Bengbu to build the largest, most Yetai one-stop shopping flagship.
▶In Zhi Sheng an for the project to provide a centralized control type fire emergency lighting system products, the project adopted more than 2300 Taiwan wall evacuation signs, ground evacuation signs and wall type fire-fighting emergency lighting centralized control type emergency lighting and emergency evacuation lighting.

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