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Chengdu complex City International


▶Bathroom Chengdu International Seongnam center Dayuan residence plate, adjacent to the Tianfu Metro CBD, the surrounding cluster of Chengdu City Hall Office District, the financial background services industry park, high-tech industrial park; there are three major urban traffic trunk and link: Tianfu Avenue, new Yizhou Avenue and sword South Avenue North of two street; the project of DESAY, East on the new Yizhou Avenue, south of west two street looking far; the project is purely a commercial complex project, covering 58.8 acres, the total construction area of about 230000 square meters. By a 5A grade A office building, a creative type of Grade A office building, 3 apartment, the main shop is a commercial center and features commercial street combinations; commercial projects a total area of about 72000 square meters.
▶Chi Sheng for the project to provide a centralized control type fire emergency lighting system products, the project adopted more than 8500 Taiwan wall evacuation signs, ground evacuation signs and wall type fire-fighting emergency lighting centralized control type emergency lighting and emergency evacuation lighting. The current system all lamp operation in good condition, to provide for the security of people's life.


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